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“Making Changes: A Wonderful You!”

It’s Time for A Change: Most people live their life like a spectator sport; we watch other people’s lives. We know more about our favorite actor or actors lives than we know about our own. I have often wondered why we do this. What makes us put ourselves in the background of our own lives? Much is being said today about being present; talking about it is almost stronger than living it in our present state which can include our day dreaming.

Linda Evangeline Creative Intuitive Born Physic

Why Make Changes: We need to be taught to day

dream again. Day dream of your possibilities. Let’s pretend the life we want. So many times we have people criticize day dreamers; yet those are the very people who made the amazing things we enjoy today. They first had a dream, yet I am sure they did not stop with the first dream. The dream became a constant in their mind; floating in and out through their day. How many times has a wondered thought made you, drift off into another realm? The pleasure of the times spent day dreaming can be very uplifting. Start by doing what’s necessary, then what’s possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible. – Saint Francis of Assisi.

I am especially concerned when we tell our children to stop day dreaming. We stop ourselves from living our dreams and goals, simply because we stop dreaming. Make a statement for yourself, who are you? Who do you want to be? Don’t think of who you should be but what do you want to be. If there were no limit on who you could be, who would you be? What kind of life would you have? What kind of body? What kind of love do you want? What kind of career? What do you want? Make an outrageous life for yourself – it is okay to do that. It is okay to want the best for yourself. It is okay to believe you deserve it. Keep the light of feeling alive in yourself.

As powerful beings, we need to regain awareness and become the person we have always wanted to be. Our dreams are not forgotten, just simply misplaced. Don’t let fear or apathy keep you from making the changes you need to reach the goals you desire.

Linda Evangeline Creative Intuitive Born Physic

“I am a strong, worthy, loving
and vibrant woman.”

Making Changes Details:  In our time together we will go through a series of exercises and teachings to discover how truthfulness, self-awareness and self-discovery will help you understand and see the uniqueness that resides within you. Why you need it: You will walk away with a new sense of who you are in the Universe and how important your role is at this time. Goals and dreams and the right to dream are just a few of the empowering results that are long lasting and life changing. 4 hrs $400

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