Where Is My Home?

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Where Is My Home?

Linda Evangeline Creative Intuitive Born Physic

Hello Beautiful Friends,

I wrote the title to this message Where Is My Home because so many people feel misplaced. Have you ever felt like you did not belong here and something was  wrong, no matter how hard you tried to fit in. Somehow it never felt right, you keep longing for your true home. People label  you as weird, eccentric, and try to fix you. It is frustrating because you know you are not broken, just different.

The truth is this is not your home, you came here to help a violent world grow to a new vibration. This Earth is truly a beautiful planet filled with wonder and amazement, also filled with hostility, fear, guilt, greed, power hungry, low vibrational  beings. I know that sounds harsh and judgmental, still it is a true statement. Many are awakening and realizing their world cannot continue to remain in this state and survive as a species.

I have been one who has looked up at the stars and wondered where is my home , instinctively knowing it was not here. I have spent most of my life knowing I was different and yet still trying to fit in. People labeled me as eccentric.

Having been intuitive since childhood. One day I started thinking, what if I just go with the thought that this is not my home, will it change my life? The surprise answer is no, it is still the life I chose to live here on this Earth.

I must say also that I do love the beauty that surrounds me, it is the energy of the beings who I share it with that is hard. I think for me it is that people want you to be like them, think, dress, act, believe the same in a lot of cases and have the same religious  beliefs. As a race of beings there is a low tolerance for difference, and that extends to all the cultures and races on the planet.

The fact that for thousands of years wars dominate this world, tear it apart and destroy its  basic human structure. The desire for control and power is the sickness humanity has within its domain. I know in my heart it was not meant to be like this, to share a world of beauty and peace we must first feel love. Love is the essential key missing here on this planet, yes I am bold enough to call us out on it. I am guilty myself of lacking love enough to make a true change.

I can hear many of you saying, she is a nut case. I love my family and my mate, I love God I love my friends. I say NO you do not know what real love is, none of us do at this moment, some have glimpses of it.

We could never do the things we do to each other if we knew love, think deeply on it. To bomb innocent children, rape and pillage helpless beings. To what end? Money, culture, control and the most barbaric of all, religion. Please know I am not saying religion is wrong, the use of religion for control of others is the issue. To use it as an excuse to dominate another is wrong. Think on this if you are comfortable and content with your beliefs, is it really necessary to have others believe the same?

What could it matter if they believe differently as long as that belief does not harm you or the Planet. My personnel belief is just that, personal, mine to glory in and trust in. I do not need your consent to make my belief valid, nor do I need you to follow me. However if  by some chance we do have a common belief, great, we can share it as equal believers. I honor you for your right to believe as I desire to be honored for my belief.

Now I wish to address another unsettling thing in this world we share. It is greed and fear, perhaps I need to reverse the words and say fear and greed. I think as a race of beings we have let fear over rule our basic needs. Somehow we have convinced ourselves that this world we live in has lack and not enough for everyone. We think to be strong we must oppress, to obtain wealth as a source of control.

Power makes us weak, it steals our humanity in the guise of strength. I am not saying we need to have lack, I am saying we need to honor each other. Who has the right to charge for water? It is a gift to the people who inhabit this planet. Who has the right to dig up and devastate our Earth for oil and who has the right to own it? Who has the right to own this land, any land? It is a gift to the people who inhabit this Earth.

A news flash for all of us:  This Earth is not for sale, we are guests here. We die and take nothing of it with us. Who decided to make Earth a property, fearful, greedy people. This Earth is a living entity who has graciously allowed us to live here and supplied us with the elements of survival to grow and prosper.

We in turn have been horrific guests, we have almost destroyed a beautiful balanced environment simply out of greed. We study history and call our ancestors barbaric, yet we are just as barbaric. We wear suits and have technology, yet look at what entertains us. Violence, fear, dominance.

I think we need to take a good look around us and see what is truly valuable. Time is not our friend now, and history does not have to repeat itself.

We can make changes, no, we must make changes if we wish to live on and have a home planet for our children to live on. Think how wonderful it would be if your children and mine lived in peace, a world where every person had enough food and a beautiful living space. A world where children were not afraid to play outside. A world free of pollution and sickness, a world free of fear, hate and prejudice. A world of love and acceptance for each other and for this lovely world. I believe that is why I left my home, to come and be a part of a new world. Let’s make it a beautiful one.

Linda Evangeline

“I am here to make my world
a beautiful vibrant reality.”­

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