Are you Lonesome Tonight?

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Are you Lonesome Tonight?

Linda Evangeline Creative Intuitive Born Physic

Hello Beautiful Friends,

Once again I am sharing a piece of my heart with you and perhaps you can relate. I was listening to the Oldie Goldie radio station and a Elvis Presley song came on, “Are You Lonesome Tonight?”

As I was listening to the song I thought, You dammed right I’m lonely tonight. I was home alone listening to Oldie songs and dancing with my mini golden doodle, Hunter. Who by the way is a great dancer, especially after a couple of glasses of wine, me of course not him. LOL.  I started thinking of all my friends who complain about not having a great relationship with their mate or boyfriend/ girlfriend and how lonely they feel.

So I started thinking about why they would be lonely. I knew why I was lonely, I was actually alone. Duh !!!   Maybe being lonely is not about the other person, maybe it is about how we feel about being by ourselves.

I think lonely is a disconnect from ourselves more than from others. I have heard the comment I feel alone in a crowd of people. Hummm interesting, Is it because we expect others to make us happy, fulfilled, excepted, complete, loveable. Being human I think we put too much pressure on relationships for our happiness. We demand our mates, friends and even our pets to keep us entertained.

When we are alone, we are lonely, thinking if I had a Man/woman/friend I would be happy. Would we really? I know some reading this will say, Yes ! I have been alone for sooo long I would love to have a loving relationship, and I know where you are coming from because I have felt the same. So what is the answer?  I think for myself I have started doing the things I like to do, instead of waiting for my mate. Not to say I am giving up, no way, just having fun on my own.

Tonight I took myself out to Happy Hour. It was kind of weird at first, saying, just one. then I was seated in a nice little table on a patio. I decided a patio was best because it did not seem so strange to be alone.  It was actually kind of exciting as I sat there thinking, Wow I wonder if I might meet Mr. wonderful tonight?

Then a older couple sat next to me and more couples came in and I realized it was Saturday night. I thought this is amazing how many people come in together and do not talk to each other. Some were on their cell phones, others just distracted. It was an interesting thing to watch, I started to feel a bit like a voyeur. Not wanting to intrude on their privacy, yet it was interesting to watch. The waiter was so sweet and kept coming to my table to make sure I had what I needed and It made me feel really nice that I was not over looked because I was alone.

My night was enlightening on many levels, one was that I had fun by myself and totally enjoyed my Happy Hour. The  night was romantic in a way, balmy breeze, I had a long flowing skirt and off the shoulder top. I chose a drink called Strawberry Kiss, yummy and beautiful to look at and the most perfect salad. The only thing missing was music, it would have been lovely. Next time I go back I will ask about music…. Yes, I plan to do it again after all I did enjoy my company and who knows where I will venture to on my next excursion.

What I would suggest is, get to know yourself, really get to know yourself. Laugh for the pleasure of hearing your own voice, dress to make yourself feel great. Let the world know you are here, you are alive and you are love. Give yourself some praise, some shout out to you. Are You Lonesome Tonight? If so do something to challenge yourself, be courageous and have a Strawberry Kiss. Love to you my beautiful friends.

Linda Evangeline

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