The Perfect Day

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The Perfect Day

Linda Evangeline Creative Intuitive Born Physic

Hello Beautiful Friends,

Here I am on a beautiful Sunday; it is overcast and windy in my opinion a perfect day. Living in Southern California where the sun shines constantly can be a challenge for a person like me who is sun challenged. LOL

I admit I like dark and cosey places, rain and wind, stormy weather. The beauty of the fall has always held a special place for me, so what am I doing in sunny California? Good question, after having spent ten years in Arizona in that hot desert climate I never thought to be back in this sunny hot climate. So you might be asking at this point, why is she sharing this trivial information? Well I promise I have a reason, honestly, it is why so many of us are asking ourselves.

How did I end up here? This is not where I want to be? Now your where, can be a job, a relationship, a place to live or whatever is a challenge to you. It is strange that what we do not want seems to pop up like magic and what we do want seems elusive and just out of reach. We hear all kinds of reasons for this from well meaning people who spout their new age beliefs on we create our realities to those who feel fate is in charge and we are doomed by it. Some believe we chose this as our lessons in life and we have to suck it up and get on with the lessons. Wow!!!

When one stops to think about it, it can seem really dismal. Such responsibility can seem over whelming and how does one know what is the right thing to do? Well I have a theory on it; I think each one has a bit of truth to it. I believe we do choose our reality and fate can step in and throw us a curve ball and it is possible to learn valuable life lessons from these experiences.

This is not to say we can stop dreaming or desiring our good, only that along the journey we have experiences we do not like. Much the same as when you were a child and your Mum said eat up your veggies and damn did we hate that. Yet the veggie had their place and reasons for being in our lives. Now many prefer only eating veggies (not me I am still a sugar addict) just sayin….

The things we dislike can often be the things we adore as time goes by. I remember a comment made and I am not sure who to credit it to, however it goes like this, “Never judge another man until you have walked a mile in his shoes “. Meaning to me that all of our journeys are different and unique to ourselves and we need to be understanding and gentle with each other. This is an intense time to be living in and yet many could say the same about the times they lived in.

Please know that you are a special being and the Universe was created just for you to experience all the amazing things this world has to offer. Remember just as the bee stings it also gives life giving honey. The rain can bring a flood or a great crop harvest. We live in light and we live in darkness, the seasons change and so do we.

In essence it comes down to how we choose to view life; yes it has it’s dark moments and can seem unbearable and at the same time it is bright and challenging and glorious and honestly there is no place I would rather be, than here now with all of you.

Blessings to all of you my traveling friends on this journey called life. May you live it with courage and love.

Linda Evangeline

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